Entry #1


2015-02-17 11:23:52 by DarkSeraphim12

Hi, I'm Vin! I don't really know what to say for this post so I'll just type and try not to think to hard on it.

I'm a beginner animator (and will be till... I dunno. When I'm not?) I like anime, reading (not only manga but also tons of fantasy books) and drawing. 

I'm also a co-creator of the show We Are Witches, a tale about 6 spellcasters on a journey of discovery and self-discovery while maybe becoming bad-donkeys in the process~

Anyway, I'm sort of a lurker (JP's the more proactive one) but rest assured I'll still be around!  




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2015-02-17 14:01:21

Hi Vin :).
Stumbled over the prologue of "We are Witches" earlier today, and I quite liked it actually. Hope to see more great stuff from you in the future ;).
Welcome to the site :D.

DarkSeraphim12 responds:

Yay thanks for your support! :D
We're working on the next episode (ep1 since prologue = ep0) so hopefully that's the near future (a month or 2?)